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JP Precision's Projects

Machining of PTFE Housings, 200mm Dia x 370mm

Manufacture of VW/Audi performance components.

Hardox 500 Machining trials


ISO 9001 Aproval 2011.

Latest news


31 - 03 - 2011


JP precision have just won an order from the German company  - esmo AG a semiconductor industry leader supplier of manipulators and docking/interfacing components.    



30 - 11 - 2010

United Motorsports place order for 4 set's of VR6 con rods manufactured from EN24T and shot peened.          

12 - 10 - 2010

Customer places order for the manufacture of VHF Filters and ATV Filters Housings.
 16 - 8 - 2010

United Motorsport and JP Precision Components are now manufacturing partners.

 10 - 01 - 2010

January we took delivery of a DEA Swift CMM machine fitted with PC-DMIS software, The CMM is fitted with MH20i Renishaw probes with positional repeatabillity of 1.5

14 - 02 - 2010


Hardox 500 machining trails, costings and durabilaty of machine taps

on water jet holes in 20mm thick plate. The results found that tooling life was down by 70-80%, costs that must be added and not adsorbed.

20 - 03 - 2010

Completion of order 3rd teire for BAE machining of Weldox 700E material into Bosses.


United Motorsport


Welcome to JP Precision Components

JP Precision Components are a well established sub contract precision engineering company with 35 years of experience, using cutting edge machining technology and total quality management being the core elements of our business

The company supplies components and assemblies to a diverse range of industries which include Pharmaceutical, Computers, Medical, Orthopaedic, Marine, Electronic, Food Processing and Motor Sports.

JP Precision Components have proven to be a respected supplier of precision machined components to these Industries, both low complex one off's, volume batches and full assemblies. All of which are manufactured in-house.

Merlin MRP Factory software,this software manages production need, production availability,subassemblies, material requiments, rasie work ordersjob cards,puchase  orders, procuement, and stock. 

BM Trada have been apointed to implement ISO 9001:2008


Technology centre

Here is a solid model of a Tablet Tray for the Pharmamceutical Industry's made from 6082 alluminium. This was programed off-line, then machine complete on one of our Hurco BMC 30's. 



We work with our customers producing prototypes and free of charge samples when needed. Informing the designers of production problems and solutions.






WE have 3 different CAD/CAM design
packages. Solid model, DFX and IGES
files can all be accepted.



We can also provide a mechanical assembly

of finished components.